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DSCMS - open source project.
You are able to know the lastes news here


1. ASP.NET MVC 3.0/c# 4.0/Razor
2. Entity Framework
3. JQuery

Current source: draft#3:

Please leave your feedback.

Last updates:


1. Refactoring of admin controllers
2 Refactoring javascript 
3. Administration : 
~~Authentication, Authorization (Type of users: Admin,Demo));
~~A little improvements of tinymce, now it works well with base $.ajax(...);
4. A few fix CSS.


1. Support upload images for products
2. Add jquery plugins:
~jquery form(does not work with IE, it should be fixed in next versions)
~light box



In current version i created following base modules(which will be modified in next releases)

Control part
1. User: Add/Edit/Delete
2 Category: Add/Edit/Delete
3. Product: Add/Edit/Delete
4. Article/Review: Add/Edit/Delete

Admin part was developed with using part downloading (jquery)
Common part
1. List of products.
2. Filters by categories.
3. The simple model of shopping cart.

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